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Your Weigh Forward's Top 7 Tips to Kick-Start Weight Loss


Losing body fat gradually over a substantial period of time is generally the most effective and sustainable long-term weight/fat loss approach.


However that doesn’t mean we can’t get excellent results in a short period of time. We certainly can!


There are things we can do to kick-start fat loss and our top 7 tips are found here.


Follow these steps and the results will soon be on show for all to see!



Benefits of Being Physically Active


Physical activity really is amazing. It can reduce our risk of major illnesses, it’s free, easy to take and has an immediate effect.


On our physical activity page you can find out:


  • What counts as physical activity
  • The benefits of being active
  • How much activity we should be doing
  • How many calories exercise burns


Our exercise and calories table shows how long you have to spend participating in different activities to burn off the calories found popular foods. See if any surprise you!



Should I Complete a Food Diary?


A food diary can be a very useful tool when trying to lose weight. It enables you to keep track of what you’re eating and drinking and research has shown it really can help you lose weight!


Benefits of using food diaries

  • They help to keep you focused
  • Can provide motivation
  • They make you accountable
  • Enable you to monitor your progress
  • Can help you to achieve your goals
  • Will show if you’re consuming enough variety
  • Can be a very useful tool if you suffer from any digestive complications
  • You can see exactly how many portions of fruit and veg you consume each day
  • Will show if you drink enough water


Visit our Food Diary page for our top tips when completing a food diary and for a free downloadable template.




Do I need to eat more protein if I want to lose more weight?


Our protein article covers:

  • What protein is
  • Why it’s an important part of a healthy balanced diet
  • How vegetarians can comfortably meet their protein requirements
  • How much protein we should be consuming if trying to lose weight

A must read if you want to kick start your weight loss:


How much protein do I need to consume if trying to lose weight?


Do I Need to Eat Breakfast?


When we're trying to lose weight how should we start our day?


  • Should we skip breakfast?
  • Should we avoid carbohydrates?
  • Do we need to eat a lot of protein?
Find the answers to these questions and our healthy breakfast ideas by clicking on the link below:

Is Following a Low Carbohydrate Diet the Best Way to Lose Weight?


Carbohydrates have a bad reputation, especially when it comes to losing body fat. Should we really limit our consumption if we want to lose weight?


Have a look at our carbohydrates page to find out:


  • What are carbohydrates?
  • Do we need to consume them?
  • The calorie content of carbohydrates 
  • What is the Glycaemic Index (GI)
  • Type of sugar to avoid

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