Special Offers!

Personal Training and Nutrition - 6 sessions for just £144.00

This limited time only offer is for service option A (Personal Training and Nutrition) - 6 sessions for just £144.00. That's 10% off but hurry it won't be on offer for ever!


What's included?


A personalised dietary plan that will enable you to lose body fat sensibly and healthily.

The creation of a tailored physical activity programme from a level 4 specialist weight management exercise professional*

Instruction and guidance on using exercise equipment safely and effectively.

Setting of personalised goals.

Advice and information covering all aspects of weight management.

Includes both personal training and nutritional support at our weight management facility.

Each appointment is for 60 minutes. 

Text and email support. 


* Level 4 is the highest level of industry recognition attainable for exercise professionals


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