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Do you want to lose weight and body fat? Improve your health and have more energy? Perhaps you want to feel more confident, improve your mood, sleep better and generally feel great? If you answered yes to any of these questions then Your Weigh Forward can help.


Your Weigh Forward is an innovative and personalised weight management service that makes losing weight and body fat seem more straightforward than it ever has before.


Personalised Weight Loss Approach

Your Weigh Forward is based in Ashdon, Essex which is conveniently located close to Saffron Walden, Linton and Haverhill.


Our weight management approach encourages the consumption of healthy nutritious food that is also enjoyable. We understand that no-one can be expected to give up the foods they love so we will provide you with advice and guidance to ensure you can incorporate these foods into your diet and still achieve the results you desire.



Our physical activity programmes are carefully designed to provide you with both the short-term and long-term results you require. We know the role that physical activity and exercise plays in weight management and our expert tuition will give you increased confidence in exercising effectively and safely, enabling you to achieve your goals. 


With single appointments and block bookings available we will have a service that's right for you. Our personalised weight management service options include:

  • Physical Activity and Nutrition
  • Physical Activity only
  • Nutrition only
  • An interactive and informative group programme


Our services page provides additional information.


Brand New Facility!

Our brand new facility is about to open and to celebrate, for a limited time only, we have a special offer available. You can purchase our most popular service - physical activity and nutrition for just £144.00. Visit our special offers page for full details.



Email: jono@yourweighforward.co.uk  

Phone: 07906 432983  

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